Sunday, August 26, 2012

Harry Potter Party

A selection of Harry Potter Themed Treats, surprisingly uncomplicated. 
I used some old books and chocolate coins for extra effect.  

Butter-beer: Butterscotch syrup, ginger beer and whipped cream or ice-cream to top.
Broomsticks: Paper bag filled with popcorn tied with pretzel stick.
Golden Snitch: Ferrero Rocher with cut out paper wings 
Chocolate frogs: Paper boxes filled with chocolate frog. (see below)
Pumpkin Pasties and Quidditch Cup Pies 

The Daily Prophet: an important part of the Harry Potter world.
Ours was created using publisher and various stories 
and pictures from the internet, see the link below.

The Daily Prophet

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

I used a mix of the small boxes of gross flavoured beans with nice flavoured ones from the jelly bean co.
These are available at The British Lolly Shop or on-line.

Chocolate Frogs:  While you can buy these, they are $4.50 per frog. 
So I made these boxes and filled them with generic chocolate frogs. 


  1. We really are the Harry Potter generation! From here on, people will never know what it's like to wait for a HP book or movie to be released. I hope future generations love HP just as much as we do :)

    who is zoe sugg

  2. Funny to see you used my Bertie Botts printable box!

  3. awesome!!!! I am so doing this for my daughters birthday!!!

  4. I designed the printable Chocolate Frog box in the picture here and updated it - I thought I'd let people know where they can get a chocolate frog box template which is larger, comes with wizard trading cards and is much higher quality printing too. You can get it at my Etsy shop link: - I like the blog, so I'm gonna give a coupon code for readers to use. Type in "BLUEBERRYGIRL" at checkout for 25% off your purchase. :)